Registration for Cycle of Service is Here! Deadline May 31st

May 31st-Memorial Day is about upon us. This is the registration deadline for those who would like to ride. We are excited about those who are going to join us. We have a wide range of riders some with great experience, and others like me who seem to huff and puff  just looking at a hill. The support has been great! We have a great list of corporate sponsors- mostly building supply companies but also Kinnucan’s, several churches, Kroger, and more. Riders are putting out challenges for raising their support-consider using facebook, our template fundraising letter found in the info. packet, or other creative ways.

ARM is doing some amazing things this summer and fall. Our Livingston staff is getting ready to host their first set of teams in a few weeks. They’re site will be packed with 60+ kids coming each week on average. In Tuskegee, we will stay steady with out of town work teams and weekend teams. This fall, we will be opening our store. We haven’t come up with a name yet but it is a thift store for building supply materials and tools. This will give ARM its own office space (much thanks to the Auburn Wesley Foundation for supporting us for so many years) as well as an extra source of income. ARM is also prayerfully considering another venture that is geared toward helping families get out of poverty. We’ll keep you posted on this development.

But, events like the Cycle of Service help us so much to continue our outreach to underserved families and children. If you would like more information, let us know. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you on the ride!

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