Some Updates for the Cycle of Service

So much is happening!

1) Summer staff arrive tomorrow and begin their two weeks of training! We are excited about not only the diverstity of this staff but their experience and talent. They are going to be incredible role models for the youth

2) Annual Conference is right around the corner and we will have snack bar once again to sell items and continue to spread the word about our ministry

3) Cycle of Service is next month and is going to be a great event! We are being inteviewed next week on Alabama Live with Kim Hendrix. This interview will be on Monday, May 17th at 11:00 AM. So, listen out for us. We will also be interviewd by Bob Crittendom on the Meeting House at 4:00 PM Thursday the 20th. These are great opportunities to hear more about the work of ARM!

That’s just the highlights! We are blessed and ready for our summer ministry to kick off!

Check out Cycle of Service

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