Make A Difference Day Around the Corner

It’s just around the corner!  Oct 30th, we are going to make a great difference in our Auburn and Tuskegee Communities. Over 100 volunteers are coming together to share the love of Christ. These volunteers come from the Tuskegee and Auburn Wesley Foundations, St. Dunstan’s and Trinity Episcopal Church in Auburn, Beula UMC, Auburn UMC, Campus Church, and from AUMC our sponsor church. We have fourteen families we are going to serve on this special one day event. Some families, like Ms. Robinson, need a new roof. Others have water damage in their walls, while another family has a broken floor joist causing part of her house to sag-her son had a stroke and is now in a wheelchair.

This is a real and meaningful way to influence a family and communicate how much Christ loves them and that the body of Christ is a force that cares! So, we pray for the many churches who will come together to share and serve! We are also grateful to Auburn United Methodist Church who is hosting the event this year. AUMC will provide a tasty breakfast and share some words from the Bible to remind us why we are serving. Our efforts provide tangible help to wonderful families and we do this to glorify Christ!

We hope and pray that if you aren’t joining us-you will find a way to plug in somewhere and share with others!

Grace and peace,


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