Buildmore Store now Open

Oct 25th is the day we open for business! This will be our soft opening to tweak our system and get it just right before we do our grand opening! Hopefully you will start hearing some of our radio adds and see some other print adds if you are in the Auburn/Opelika area. God has been so faithful and let me tell you the things He has accomplished through us:

1) Site plans were developed in a day that went unchallenged before the Opelika Planning Board-we were successfully rezoned-this was a huge hurdle and could have held us up for another month.

2) The staff were hired without flaw and we have an amazing team

3) No problems passing all the building inspections

4) Donations of all the items we are stocking are flowing in

5) Start up cost donations continue to come in-we needed at least three months to allow us to start- approximately $30K

6) We were “blindsided” by a potential utility deposit. We budgeted $1000, but received a quote of $5000. This was then dropped to $1500 and then…to nothing…amazing!!!!!

7) The overall ministry of ARM and home repair is going strong and we have 192 volunteers signed up and 14 families we will serve on Oct 30th for our observance of Make A Difference Day!

After nearly 18 months of planning-this dream and vision is now real. And proceeds will help us impact more families in powerful ways and share the love of Christ with them!

Come see us and do more at The Buildmore Store!

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