You Can Be Great!

I hope you will “Save the Date” with your church or communication venues. January 16 and 17th are the two days you do not want to miss and a way to get each worshipper “to be Great”. Called the Great Day of Service, it is a day of service in the Tuskegee Community-and with people who are FROM Tuskegee doing the volunteering side by side with college students from neighboring universities.

 It begins with an energized, community worship on Jan. 16th from 5-7 at Tuskegee FUMC (pending the heaters working). The worship is with several different churches in the community and hosts the Tuskegee gospel choir, singer Niguel Andrews, and much more. We are asking Mayor Neal to speak. We hope you will get your church to attend-and if you have a choir or ensemble that would like to share in music-even better!

 Why called The Great Day of Service? MLK exclaimed in his sermon, the Drum Major Effect, “that everyone can be great because everyone can serve”. We will worship together on the 16th so that we can come together and serve as one faith community on the 17th – now labeled the National Day of Service.

 On Monday, we will gather back at the Tuskegee church at 8:00 AM for breakfast, a devotional, and then work together in the local community. There are events that everyone can participate in. We will be doing quite a bit of work at the Tuskegee Church, the parsonage, the food bank facility, nursing home, and other places around the community. No one is too young or too old and there will be service opportunities everyone can participate in. The work day will end by 4:00 PM. Lunch will be served or you can bring a sack lunch if one a home repair site.

Plus, if you your church would like help with lunch, breakfast, cleanup, etc-these are all great parts of the service needed.

We are excited at how many groups are partnering together!  The Tuskegee Wesley Foundation, ARM, and the Tuskegee Ministerial Association have all partnered together so we think it will be a great time. At a minimum-please invite your members to this wonderful community worship (we pray its one of many) and help us have a Great Day of Service and remind everyone that they can be great, because they can serve. For more information-give us a call or email

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