Finishing up homes and on the next things!

It is always a great feeling when we finish homes for families. Last year we began serving with Ms. Annie in Shorter. Started by the Montgomery Great Day of Service, Annie had a dangerous hole in her floor, moisture causing mold, no running hot water, and wallpaper so old on her walls that it made the room look a dreary, ominous grey. This small statured yet huge hearted woman of 83 would never complain…this was just life. And now a year later…she has running hot water and can take a simple and easy shower in her new accessible shower stall. Vapor barriers and insulation were added to keep out the cold, moist air. New flooring and tile were installed as well as white paneling where grey wallpaper once remained. And her smile-as big as the state of Alabama! She always tells the groups how much Jesus has done for her and how she thanks God every day. And how about Ms. Kelly-we started work on her home this past January with a combined community service in Tuskegee. The Auburn Wesley Foundation installed a bath room door, replaced a damaged wall, completely insulated the underside of her home and added “skirting” to keep out the animals and protect the pipes from cold air drafts. She has already seen a noticeable decrease in her utility bills. Ms. Kelly has severe arthritis and uses a walker to get around. Like Ms. Annie, she explains to the teams how much her faith has increased through their gift of love to her. ARM’s mission: to share the love of Christ through home repair….these are moments we see it working and coming to life.

Real quick! We are riding our bikes across Alabama again-and this time-you can actually ride across the entire state! Save the date for June 24-26! Come ride with us, help us raise resources, and serve a little bit as we trek across the state. For you bike enthusiasts-you can accomplish a century ride on the first day! For those just wanting a fun “leg” of the journey-you can ride any time during the weekend and for real fun, pick up in Tuskegee and ride till you dip your feet in the Chattahoochee River at the state line. For more info go to We are registering riders now!

As if opening the Buildmore Store ( wasn’t enough of a venture-we are starting a new day camp in Tuskegee this summer. We are so excited about this and now working out the details. But, this means we will need more day camp sponsors for Livingston AND Tuskegee! Who can sponsor children? Churches, small groups, Sunday School classes, individuals…really anyone. And there are several options, you can sponsor a child for one or more weeks at $45/week or the entire summer for $360. You will receive a picture and information about your child, receive updates from him or her during the summer, and a great video at the end. Your sponsorships provide the needed materials and resources to provide these free camps. To sponsor, go to our web link print off the PDF form and send back to us. You can also use the Pay Pal option and designate as day camp sponsor.

Thank you for all you do! If you are looking for hands on mission experiences in home repair or children-we can help! Let us handle your details and get you plugged into the real heart and soul of serving Christ in a very tangible way! Blessings!


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