Spring Break Teams Working Hard

Excited that we were able to host Pfeiffer University this past week for a few days. Pfeiffer is from North Carolina and focuses on Community Service and education geared towards students serving to help our overall community.

Pfeiffer worked with Ms. Green installing new windows, two doors, and Kool Sealed her roof. Ms. Green actually had a series of breakins which caused the damage to doors and windows. She is a wonderful and creative artist and has donated several pieces for us to put in the Buildmore Store www.buildmorestore.com

Now Emory Wesley Foundation has arrived. They will be serving with Ms. Blackmon and ANOTHER lady named Ms. Greene. They will build a new wall and add insulation as well as tear out a rotten ceiling, also install new insulation, and secure new pannelling.

Mostly, they will be praying with these families, learning about their unique situations, and extending an ARM of love to families!

Emory gets needed information from Beth Ann at the parsonage

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