Super Mission Saturday-Auburn Wesley Foundation

It was a bright, starry night, and the crickets chirped melodiously. Shadows swayed back and forth in the darkness. Breaking the crickets’ song was the buzz of circular saws and pounding hammers. Disturbing the star light was the high beams of our truck lights and moving in and out of the shadows were the dedicated volunteers serving late into the night. The last piece of floor was laid, the leak finally stopped, and now the washer and dryer was being moved back to its original location. Our mission was almost complete.

This was by far the latest I had ever worked at a family’s home. These students had been going strong for thirteen hours in the broiling August sun ripping up floors, leveling an entire house, and reframing to install new flooring. We had to go grab several pizzas just to keep them fed and going. Ms. Shirley and Ms. Harris were deeply touched by the commitment of these young volunteers.

On other sites that day, our servants laid tile, hung sheetrock, and repaired roofing. These Auburn Wesley Foundation students have always impressed me. Not so much by being able to do repairs, but where their heart and commitment is. Every home I visited there was a group who was intentionally sitting with their family member sharing stories and experiences. Not only did we pray for these homes, these families prayed for our groups and lifted them up to God’s care thanking Him for His grace and provision to help at their home. My heart was moved by the interaction of these families with the student volunteers. You see where mission is truly undergirded by discipleship and followership. Jesus said, “come follow me”, and you see this group of students embodying that.

We finished that evening working on homes for six families in Tuskegee. As we ended the day, I thought of the devotion Andrew had given earlier that morning. He spoke of what it meant to go with the intent to share and speak the word as we served-to not hide behind our actions but to reveal and extend the love of Christ. No doubt!

A special thanks to our volunteers but also our sight leaders. So a shout out to Tyler Nay and Andrew Long from Wesley who organized the entire day. And then a special thank you to our team leaders from ARM, Christina Walton our construction coordinator, and volunteer leaders, Michael Babbin, Chris Loyd, Page Ledbetter, Clark Solomon and Rick Wheatley. Wonderful job and incredible hearts! It truly was a Super Mission Saturday!

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