In the Shack…

“Wednesday, Kim received a phone call from a sweet lady named Ms. Katherine.
Before she could tell her that we weren’t accepting repair referrals (because
we have over 100 people currently waiting), she began telling her about her
illnesses and that she had no place warm to stay due to her kitchen
floor and roof falling in. Ms. Katherine had been to several service
agencies that day looking for a place to stay but no one was able to help her
because she lives outside the city limits. Because of her medical
conditions, Ms. Katherine is physically and financially unable to improve her
living situation. ARM began because families like Ms. Katherine
desperately need our help. We don’t want to turn families away from
receiving vital repairs. How can you help?  First, by lifting our families up in
prayer. Second by bringing a group to volunteer and thirdly by giving your financial support?

It’s efforts like The Shack that help us do this. We want to be in a position
that when someone like Ms. Katherine calls back we can say, “Yes! We would LOVE to
help, when can we come visit? The power of $25 among a lot of people will go a tremendous way. Would you prayerfully consider this and also encouraging a friend to support? That would be great. Thank you for your prayers and blessings!


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