Shack Stories-Night 3

Well, I would love to say that something really exciting and dramatic happened last night-something story worthy. But…nothing crazy.

Auburn lost a big game so that disappointment affected the community. The temperature began to drop and the wind picked up-however, it was not unbearably cold or miserably cold. But, for whatever reason I did not sleep great. I cannot say that I slept bad just did not feel as rested.

But the generosity of people is so good. This morning I was blessed with no less than three large cups of coffee, cinnamon biscuits, and a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit which is my favorite. The church community was sweet, gracious, and asked questions about our mission-and gave So, blessed for sure.

I am impressed at the number of people who want to stay in the other shack! That has been great. But, I felt bad about the cold weather for them. The enthusiasm and support has been wonderful.

I believe that what stands out is that as I sit here-great things are happening. One of my former staff members and friends is getting married today. Wilmer served with us from 2005 till 2012 in various ways. This weekend has been a huge day of repair as Nikki, April, Page, Jose, and Kim have been hosting volunteers all weekend to include today. Four families have received repairs: Shay and Terry have a two year old and needed insulation, a porch, and their roof Kool Sealed.  At Betty’s home, we continue to hang and finish drywall while at the Davis’ we are finishing up a drainage trench and painting. Finally, Shirley has a leaking roof and rotten spot in her floor. Not only have they received these necessary repairs, they have been extended an ARM of love and God’s grace. We are so thankful we can serve this way. Also, Kim spoke at Opelika First Baptist’s college ministry this morning to share about ways to serve on our staff.

We have big dreams. First, over 100 families need our help and we need to bring on another staff person who can help us train and recruit more construction site leaders. In Tuskegee, we continue to renovate and repair the church that is on its way to becoming a mission outreach center. Our partnerships in Tuskegee are strengthening and we are going to have great impact with weatherizing homes and providing handicap accessible features. I am humbled and overwhelmed!

I wonder if $50,000 was too big of a stretch? I remember when I thought $5,000 was unreachable and yet God provided. What I know about his one… is that it certainly will be the gift of the Holy Spirit. I really cannot do this one on  my own. I am grateful for others who are helping and certainly all those who have given or intend to give. And I already know everyone to be faithful and generous to other ministries as well. I really see the sacrifice others are making. I am glad to sit and write this. Tired, chilled, and my eyes hurt from the smoke…but it’s worth it to see how God will use so many people.

Grace and peace,


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