ARM summer teams in full swing

ARM is full swing into our summer ministry. We have hosted eight teams so far and have four more weeks of summer service. Our children’s day camps, Sonshine Kids Day Camps are providing a safe place for kids to grow and learn about Jesus. We are so excited about how youth are improving their followership of Christ, sharing their faith, and helping bring comfort and care to some wonderful families and children. Below is an email we received from one of our volunteers from Cincinnati, Ohio.

My week at ARM’s Livingston site was amazing. I met new friends from Tennessee and grew in stronger bonding with friends and leaders from Cincinnati. During the family dinner, I was asked to share about my experience and when I did I had no clue what I was going to say. Nothing was on my mind when I went up, yet God put words in my mouth. I know it was God and no just me faking it because when I sat down it turned 7:37 which is my Jesus alarm on my Ipod. I set the alarm at least 6 months ago just to let me remember my Lord and Savior and to remember who I am. Just a friendly reminder. The alarm had not come in much handy and sometimes I just hit cancel and didn’t do anything about it. This time it was strategically placed, by GOD, to go off right after God had put the words in my mouth. Now being at home I can sometimes hear God in my head, or at least I have a good conscious in my head telling me the Christian thing to do. I would like to thank the ARM staff, Megan, Kelsey, Betsey, G-man, Rondel, Tyler, Kyle, and Sarah, for my amazing experience and for tying me closer to God. Thanks again. Nate Smith (also known as nskilla on instagram) I would love for this email to be sent to the camp counselors to show them that they are leaving an impression on me as well as the families and children they are helping. I am glad to be on the email list as well. you may share this email if you would like to! Thank you so much, again, for the amazing experience.

Please continue to pray for us, families in rural communities and for children! We’ll start booking teams for Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer 2014 beginning July1st! Plus, you can bring a group anytime to our site in Tuskegee!



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