She Danced!

Have you ever been so excited, so welled up with love,  that  you had to dance in response? Ever been so filled with joy that the only thing you could think about doing is jumping up and down, throwing your hands in the air, doing a little shuffle and all the while singing your praises to God? Dancing, singing, and praising God is what Ms. Shirley did when the last piece of flooring was laid in her home. The youth doubled over laughing watching her do “The Twist” and then joined in.

For years, her floor had been sinking to the point it was unsafe to walk on. She can once again enjoy her sitting room. What’s most important is not just her joy but mostly her recognizing the touch of Christ’s grace. And it came through some youth who simply reached out in service and love; living out the great commission of discipleship while themselves building their followership. Ms. Shirley is one of several testimonies we have of the impact of our seven weeks of ARM home repair camps. Christ was exalted, glorified, and served…we can’t help but want to do more! I look forward to more stories of dancing family members expressing their love for Jesus!


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