Who Are You?

Over the last several weeks I have been reading and re-reading Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. This letter is powerful, rich, and nearly every scripture from it quotable. Meditating on it, wrestling with it, and letting it cover my spirit has been comforting and challenging.

In reading Ephesians 2:1-10 which my Bible titles “Alive in Christ”, I came up with my own title or question; “Who are You?” Sounds like a  good potential summer theme for our camps. But literally, who are we? Who do we see ourselves as? God calls us children. He recognizes his creation as good.  He loves it and us. For believers, this is great comfort. I broke this passage down a bit and walked through it. Here are some thoughts:

– There is an opposition force and ruler. Paul says he is the king of the air, and is a spirit not of God and he rules over those who are disobedient.  Evil is not just the absence of God. It has its own ruler and power and those not following God are in allegiance to him whether they recognize it or not. This is why it is critical for us to make disciples and to take the command to go to all the nations quite literally.

– We all have the same history-at one point we were separated from God because of sin-the sin that came into the world from Adam and Eve’s disobedience

– We lived for ourselves. We were our own god. We did what was good for ourselves.

– By nature therefore, we were objects of God’s wrath because of the sinful nature in our lives-yet He also loved us!

– But God reached out. He initiated the process. He did not intend nor desire for us to stay in this nature and remain disconnected and out of fellowship with him. God came to us, through Christ, out of love, mercy, and through his grace.

– He has restored us to new life in Christ-for those who believe and follow

– Our destiny is to be with Him here and in the heavenly realms

– We are saved therefore by God’s grace and his grace alone through our faith and trust in Him

– Finally, to bring it full circle and back to the Garden story, we are God’s workmanship. He made us and prepared us to do good. This was God’s original intent when He created us and when we believe and follow, Christ bridges the gap and makes our relationship with God right again.

So, when I think about the question “Who are You?” I am reminded that we all belong to God. We are his sons and daughters. If you like the kingly language, then princes and princesses-and all the duties and privileges with it (to whom much is given, much is required). This is an incredible comfort and realization. We belong to God. He created us for good and intends for us to live out His good. We do that daily by being intentional in serving others, giving all praise and glory to God, and pointing people to His way. You are loved and you are His. I pray we can do the good He intended us to do and live for Him. Blessings! (And please feel free to send me some of your thoughts and ideas!)

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