How many more nights? Day 6

Wednesday: Day 6

“Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”- Matthew 5

“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God”- Luke 6: 20

So, the internet at Wesley is down…which is the one most important need I have and may have to walk over to Burger King to post this.

The last 48 hours have been non-stop. We have had a constant stream of visitors, the donations have flowed in now making our total $29,878 as I write this, and some wonderful people have come through to help sit with me and tell the story. Several groups to include day care centers, Cub Scouts, Boy Scout groups, and Discipleship groups have paid a little friendly visit to take a look at our homes. They have crawled through the shanty town, noticed my bare windows, talked about not wanting to be cold…and even asked me if I was married.

I was touched by the young boy last night who have his allowance to help our cause. It is truly heartwarming when someone does a small act with great love. These are moments when a child like faith can make a world of difference.

I was also impressed with the women from the children’s ministry who stayed overnight  in our guest shack. They were up at 5 am to go back to work and get their kids ready for school. I was then joined by Ryan, the college minister from AUMC,  Monteign Mathison, and Kelly Aulner. It has been a beautiful time.

As our ministry prepares for another mission Saturday, I am glad we are able to serve our families. Having the body of Christ reach out in tangible acts of love inspires families who feel hopeless and as if no one cares. The work and need is great but we will continue to love and serve one family at a time!

Finally, the fatigue is starting to get to me. I am working from the time I get up till I go to bed at night. Whether it is talking with people about ARM, writing, or cleaning paint brushes, it never stops. Although the weather is comfortable I’m ready to be in my own bed, to not have to walk to another building to use the bathroom, have a real hot shower, to not have everything stored in my car…and it goes on. The wear and tear starts to work on you. My consolation is that I go home in a few days. But the families we serve…live these hardships day in and day out. My job is to notice, connect, and then offer the care through love and grace. And I am glad to do so.

So, here goes another night and excited about Kermit Farmer coming to join this afternoon and take a night in the shack.  Appreciate having Dr. Wylin Wilson bring breakfast this morning and having so many wonderful people come sit out with me.

Until tomorrow! And…the internet just came back up! Whoo hoo


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