Into the Shacks…

First, some thanks and shout outs:

Yesterday while setting up was greeted by Katie and her mom. Katie served on our summer staff in Tuskegee. I was also visited by Kelly the Tuskegee site leader, and Kate Duke who brought me dinner. She also served in Tuskegee. What a great mini and unexpected reunion!

Had some alumni friends drop by; Carol Gullatt and Brian Miller. All here for AU’s homecoming.

And then we had several  local friends drop in and visit throughout the evening! What a great time.

I’ve got everything set up and even had a fun Homecoming parade come through.  Kids are ready to paint and people are asking great questions about poverty housing, family struggles and what they can do. Two television reporters came by and shot some footage. I feel like we are going to get some great promotion from this and be able to shine Christ’s light.

Last night, the Auburn Wesley Students held two events. They screened a film called Nefarious about human sex trafficking breaking into small groups for discussion. In Auburn, there are three known human sex trafficking rings. Students came back to the shack sharing how gut wrenching these stories and testimonies were. Later we talked about what poverty housing in Alabama looks like and the struggles of families like when a hot water heater begins to leak or their commode does not work. Seeing their passion and hunger to do something is always inspiring-it reminds me of when God was shaping that call in my life!

As for the total. We are at $10,895! That is pretty awesome! And thank you all who are giving!

I’ll touch base tomorrow with I’m sure some great stories!steve and shack crew

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