One More Night at Home…

One more night in my bed, one more day before we go into the shack. It is a fun time getting all of the last minute preparations together. This large and high impact fundraiser, carries us through several months and several homes.

I was visiting with Andrew and Bernice a few days ago. They are brother and sister and both have not married. They are super sweet, very humble, and simply precious. Seeing their family bond and the way they care for each other moved my heart in ways I cannot explain. And, my brother, David was with me on the visit so there really was just something about that moment. What stood out the most is that they do not have any hot water at this moment. Their hot water heater is leaking and so have to turn off the main valve when not using water and boiling water on the stove for bathing. Hard to fathom when all I would do is call a repair man and purchase a new heater by drawing from some savings. But their combined income with Social Security is less than $1500 a month. Then the list gets longer; a range without a working oven, leaks in the ceiling, every window leaking, an exterior door that does not lock, and so much more. It is difficult sometimes to not get overwhelmed.

That is why it means so much to me and to others to replicate the hardships experienced in poverty especially which affects someone’s home. So, tomorrow night begins the sleeping in a cramped space on an old mattress. Having to use someone’s facilities for a bathroom, having no windows, and hoping it does not rain. You get the picture.

I’ll will do my best to blog each day and share experiences. Please pass this on if you wish and check out the video explaining our efforts. And know, by giving or volunteering, you are making a direct impact and it is the only way we can effectively serve our neighbors who need repair. Help us extend an ARM of Christ’s love; say “no” to shacks and “yes” to Sweet Homes For Alabama.

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