ARM Joins in at Catapult Conference 2014

Who are the “poor”? Have you ever considered how your perception of poverty affects the way you serve those typically defined as “poor”?

ARM was asking these kinds of questions at the Catapult Conference at Cornerstone Church in Auburn, AL, on September 15-17. Catapult is “a missional leadership gathering of those who desire to recapture old truths in new ways.” There were several great speakers like Alan and Deb Hirsch, Romal Tune, Michael Frost, and many others!

ARM was invited to facilitate a breakout session at the conference. We shared our story of serving God’s mission in rural Alabama and explored how our definition of poverty dictates the way we serve among the “poor.” You can check out our presentation, “Mission and Poverty in Rural Alabama”, online! We’d love to hear your thoughts…

  • How do you define poverty?
  • What are the different components or types of poverty?
  • What is “relational poverty”?
  • If poverty is a “lack of friendships”, who are the “poor”?
  • If poverty is fundamentally relational, what does that mean for the way we serve/are served by others?

If you are interested in workshops on Understanding Poverty from a Biblical Perspective or Missions and Poverty, please contact

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