Serving our Neighbors



We don’t have to go very far to serve our neighbor. In fact, how many of us really know our true neighbors: those who live across the street or next door? We easily go on one or two week mission trips to meet new neighbors in other communities. Is what is closest to us, so commonplace that we miss it? Here are a few tips if you want to get to know your neighbors but are not sure how:

1) Cross the street. Yep, take a plate of cookies and a short note and go over and say hello. You could also offer to pray for them.

2) Take notice and take a walk: it is easy to walk your block and pray for the families even if you do not know them. Ask the Holy Spirit to open doors for meeting people. Sometimes you may see other people walking and can strike up a conversation.

3) Do you have a neighborhood watch program? If so this is an easy way to have a dessert or coffee with a few people and build common ground as you offer to look after one another.

4) Select one home and begin praying for that family. After a while leave a note saying you have been praying for them, with information to contact you if they would like prayers for anything specific.

It is easy to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to open up doors (literally). And yes, there is a bit of boldness needed when reaching out to new people. But the ministry of nurturing, loving, and being a good neighbor does not take a lot of time or effort.

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