Are You Ready for Christmas?

A few thoughts as you prepare to think through gifts and purchases for your friends and loved ones…

This is a time of year when people tend to blow their budgets and overspend. Instead of being able to use tax returns for savings or some type of significant purchase or investment, we end up paying off Christmas presents plus all of the interest that goes with it. Is it really wise to continue doing this?

Here are some simple tips:

1) Set your budget now and be realistic. It’s not size or quantity that makes the difference, just the amount of love and thought you put into it.

2) Consider lowering your balance on one credit card to that amount and then monitor and make a commitment to not go over.

3) Don’t use a credit card! Consider taking that amount out in cash and putting in envelopes. Use that cash to make your purchases (If you can’t take that amount out of the bank…then you certainly should not be using credit).

One final thought: How much stuff do we really need? Think about providing “experiences” versus just gifts. A spa day, trip to the zoo, something you and your family can use to create memories and great pictures. We pray for you as we get ready to give thanks and prepare our hearts to yet again receive Christ!

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