Housing Assistance Council: More Rural Home Repair Needed for Seniors

In a newly released report entitled “Housing an Aging Rural America: Rural Seniors and Their Homes”, the Housing Assistance Council calls for an increase in home rehabilitation and repair services to help seniors stay in their homes. Here’s a portion of the report’s summary we found striking:

Most seniors wish to remain and age in their homes as long as possible, but rural elders are increasingly experiencing challenges with housing affordability and quality. These challenges point to an underlying gap in housing options and availabilities. With the scope and magnitude of the looming demographic shift of seniors, rural communities will need to develop a range of housing options available to seniors such as more rental housing, rehabilitation and repair programs, housing with services, and assisted living. These options not only enhance the lives of seniors but are fiscally prudent measures that are more cost effective than long-term care options.

We couldn’t agree more since a large majority of the families we serve through home repair are elderly. Join us as we continue to work towards safe, warm, and dry homes for our elderly families.

  • Serve with us this summer, at our MLK Weekend Service event in January, or during a week this spring
  • Work with us as a summer or spring intern
  • Extend with us through prayer, gifts-in-kind, or a monthly financial commitment
  • Train with us to become a home repair grant assistant or a summer counselor

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