Thanks for serving with us on Be A Saint Saturday!

This past Saturday, despite the cold, we had an exceptionally good day serving with families in Beauregard, Smiths Station, Camp Hill, and Tuskegee. Our 67 volunteers served 4 families and worked at 7 sites total. Participants in the home repair work day came from six different churches and college groups in the area. Thanks to everyone who came out and served with us on BE A SAINT SATURDAY!

One family had called us months ago needing help repairing her roof. After going to visit the homeowner, John and I both knew that her situation was urgent. Water was dripping into her living room via the hole in the home’s ceiling. She had tried getting help from other organizations, but nothing had worked out…

It was an emotional moment to see a team finally begin work at Ms. C’s home. I had the privilege of spending some time talking with Ms. C as the team tacked up new drywall on the ceiling. In listening to her, I realized the breadth of the struggles her family is going through. Our ministry at ARM is not to fix all the problems of the homeowners we work with – only God do that. But what we can do is give people a realistic hope of having a warm, safe, and dry home and of experiencing a deeper relationship with our Creator and Redeemer.

Despite the difficulties Ms. C is facing, I saw on her face both determination to continue fighting and encouragement from seeing people she didn’t even know come help her repair her home. Even her 9-year old son wanted to get on the roof to help! This, if nothing else, should be our motivation for doing the work we do.

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We greatly appreciate all the volunteers, staff, and organizations that helped make this day possible! A special thank you goes out to Auburn United Methodist Church, who generously provided the breakfast and meeting space for BASS. We are grateful for your partnership with ARM and heart of service to the Auburn community and beyond.

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