#armsummerstaff: It Just Might Change Your Life

mariana-staff-quote-spiritual-growthThe summer of 2015 could be one that changes your life. It could be a summer of spiritual transformation, of leadership growth, of hearing the call to join God’s mission. It could, that is, if you serve on the #armsummerstaff.

What makes me so sure?

Because the #armsummerstaff of 2014 experienced it themselves. Whether it was discipling middle and high school students, working with families on home repair projects, loving on kids at the day camp, or leading behind the scenes as the site leader, our staff experienced God’s presence working within, among, and all around them.

They were challenged, stretched, and put in situations where they had to rely on God’s faithful power and provision in new and deeper ways. They experienced authentic Christian community with one another and formed relationships of love and care across boundaries of race, class, and generation that imaged, if only faintly and temporarily, the kind of “beloved community” God envisions for us all. What’s more is that they were able to share this experience with groups of middle and high school students who came to serve throughout the summer. Through times of worship, Bible study, prayer, and discussion, our staff led these students closer to the heart of Christ and shared a vision for a lifestyle of service in and for God’s kingdom.

This is #armsummerstaff.

But don’t take my word for it! Click around below to see what some of our 2014 #armsummerstaff had to say…

Have you applied yet? Find out all the details and download your application: #armsummerstaff. Contact Joe at (334) 501-4276 or joe@arm-al.org if you have any questions!

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