Dauphin Way Confirmation Retreat

What can 16 sixth graders do over the course of a weekend? Yeah, maybe they could break some record for consecutive video game hours or some crazy game of slinging fish with their teeth. But this special group from Dauphin Way UMC on their confirmation retreat showed us how they embrace serving, praying, worshiping, and digging deep into the roots and foundations of their faith.  I was so blessed to learn and serve beside this great group of youth.

Splitting into two groups, one crew went to Ms. Patterson’s home installing new trim on newly installed floors and planting new flowers. Ms. Patterson was admitted into the hospital the day before they arrived so did not get to meet her. That did not stop them from enveloping her home with their hearts and hands and praying a blessing over her home.

The second crew worked with me helping complete work at Tuskegee Methodist Church. They sanded drywall in one bunk room and put two coats of paint in the second bunk room. These rooms are now one step closer to housing our summer youth teams in June!

In the evenings we met for worship and reflection. Never underestimate a sixth grader! They discussed in-depth what it meant to have an attitude of Jesus and to embrace humility. Our conversation shifted to how Jesus is many times “disguised” in the poor and when we serve (or refuse) others that we are serving (or refusing) Him. At our closing worship, they were asked to write on a card the attitudes they could take on that resembled Jesus and ways to serve others. Wow!!!! “Compassion, being humble, showing love always, serving at all times” were the responses shared.

The future is bright with these young leaders and servants! May we lead them well as they learn what it means to listen and to follow Jesus!

~ Lisa

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