Summer Mission Camp at Tuskegee: 3 Weeks Available for a ‘Seriously Wonderful Thing’

Summer Mission Camp 2015Last August, we were delighted to receive an email from a summer mission camp team member who served with us in Tuskegee. They wrote:

You have a seriously wonderful thing going on down there in Tuskegee! This past summer was my second time attending ARM and the time I have spent there has been the closest I’ve ever gotten to heaven… Looking out the window at night and seeing all the potential that Tuskegee has to grow and be a wonderful place to live… I will forever remember the feeling of love and fellowship from the staff, as well as my own church members that I got to know better on the trip. You guys are on to something… I’m blessed to have been a part of it!

Summer mission camp is approaching soon and we still have 3 weeks in our schedule without a mission team for our Tuskegee site. We’re inviting you and your middle and/or high school students to be a part of this “seriously wonderful thing” God has going on down in Tuskegee! We have several weeks with partial availability, but we have room for teams of up to 70 for:

*** June 14 – 19 ***

*** July 5 – 10 ***

*** July 26 – 31 ***

Contact Joe ( or 334-501-4276×100) today to find out more bringing your team of middle/high school students to Tuskegee! If you’re ready to register, just click the button on the right sidebar to get started! Be sure to check our full schedule for dates with partial availability at our Tuskegee and Livingston sites.

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