The Tuskegee Mission Hub

The HUB!

What if you could be part of a vision to start a community outreach center in Tuskegee? What if your prayers and support started the Tuskegee Mission HUB?!

Imagine a space thatTuskegee Church graphic buzzed with daily ministry and outreach in an area hungry to experience Christ’s love. Imagine families and individuals having resources to repair their homes and discover several housing options. Envision several children safely engaged in the afternoons doing homework, getting tutoring, and beaming with creative expression. See a community garden, green and growing, giving access to healthy food while building relationships. Visualize people with brokenness receiving support with areas in mental health and meeting for Christian counseling and renewal. Imagine upstart, local entrepreneurs launching their dream business and collaborating through shared office equipment and space. Consider their savings on initial overhead costs while also providing rent income to the HUB.

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The possibilities are endless! Plus, this space will serve as the summer bunkhouse for ARM’s youth camps. Our camps host several hundred youth each summer who swarm our community with hearts, hammers, and hands ready to extend Christ’s love to families and children through home repair and Christian Day Camp Ministry. Here is where you can partner with us. Since 2007, ARM and Tuskegee Methodist Church have been engaged in a covenant partnership. Together, we are undergoing a major renovation of Tuskegee Methodist to transform this space and make it again usable for the entire Tuskegee community.

It is a God sized vision! It will take us praying as if it depends on God and working as if it depends on us (and you)! What has been done already? Lead based paint and asbestos have been removed, designs drafted, and a new roof to insure no more leaks. Bunk rooms are framed and some flooring completed. But there is so much more to do! A fire safety system, a bath house, kitchen renovations and more are needed! Wouldn’t you like to be part of making this vision become reality?

We hope you will adopt a financial portion of the project and help us create a lasting legacy in Tuskegee. Below you’ll find a PDF that outlines our next steps in renovation. The final two pages describe these next steps in detail with suggested sponsorship costs. Find a slice that you feel your church, organization, or you would like to adopt. You will receive a certificate showing your part of the project. Also, 75% of the labor is through volunteers and we would welcome you to come and help with the work as well. While receiving the funds up front is most ideal, we are willing to take a pledge if received by July 1, 2015. We hope you will engage in this amazing effort as we rebuild and restore in Tuskegee! “What’s next, you ask?” Please review the plans and project list; Select either an entire room or a portion of the room to adopt; Contact Lisa Pierce to let her know which part you have selected or you can tear out the sheet and send to us. You will receive a confirmation and tax deductible acknowledgement for your gift now and at the end of the calendar year. We will be giving highlights on our web site and a Tuskegee Methodist Mission HUB Face book page.

Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks in advance for helping us make The Hub a reality!

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