The First 24 hours…

The first 24 hours…

I have been on my heels. Being away last month on active duty with the storms and not getting back till this past Thursday has been a test. I believe we are all fatigued with the hurt, pain, and suffering we have seen from natural disasters and the senseless shooting in Las Vegas. We find ourselves giving more but maybe also disengaging. There is only so much we can take and absorb. I find myself in the same place. Each prayer seems like another request to Jesus for healing and provision on large scales.

Living in a shack in a way helps me live into struggles of others. My home is warm, safe, and dry. If something breaks I have the means to fix it-either because of my own knowledge or having the necessary financial resources. My monthly mortgage is less than the fair market rental values in Auburn/Opelika. My power bills are significantly less than my friends who live in mobile homes designed for inefficiency. My dad taught me about investing just a little when I graduated college. You do not learn how to manage your finances in school…you learn it from family or friends.

These raise hard questions for me. Am I blessed? Am I privileged? Am I smarter? Am I fortunate? If I am these thing does this make my friends who have low incomes cursed? Underprivileged? Less fortunate?

What it means for me is to walk in the shoes of someone else and live into their joys, pains, and life experiences. Living in the shack gives me those moments of intentional discomfort. I must depend on others to help me. And it is ok.

Jesus gave us such simple commands. Nothing simple in the way we live them out. Loving other people the way I want to be loved creates conflict, discomfort, and makes me question the way I live. I see the need for God’s grace in my own life and my daily need.

Shout out to the “D” groups who come out on Wednesday night and the AUMC “D” group that came out at 7:20am this morning to learn about “the shack” and how we extend Christ’s love to families through home repair. Looking forward to young painters coming today and the Bible study groups.

Blessings today and find a way to serve someone and love them the way you want to be loved!


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