Summer Mission Intern Stories: A Call to Serve

Joining ARM’s summer staff could possibly be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

During an interview, Josh Reid, one of our 2017 summer mission interns who served as a Construction Coordinator, explains what it meant for him to serve with ARM. Josh first heard about us through an email about an ARM service day from Auburn University where he is a Building Science student. He got involved during the fall and spring semesters serving with families in the Lee/Macon county area before applying for one of our full-time construction coordinator summer internships.

Josh realized he had been called to serve with ARM after he arrived to training. Joshua says, “I had been studying the book of Jonah, and after the first few days of intense training, I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I read where Jonah didn’t want to do what he was called to do and was forced to go

to Nineveh. At that point, I realized that I was where I was supposed to be. God opened the doors for me to be there and, even though it was hard, I knew the reward of what God was going to do through ARM would be great. (Not saying ARM was Nineveh), but the good things really outweighed the bad,” says Josh.

When asked how he grew over the summer, Josh states, “I grew by having to rely not on myself. I really learned how to give things over to the Lord. I had to rely on Him more.”

The Construction Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to facilitate home repair projects performed by ARM’s student mission teams. Josh’s favorite duties included driving the truck around and picking up materials from the builders. Josh also enjoyed many different things while hosting teams such as: Welcome Day when they had lemonade and cookies, having down time, leading worship, and playing a game called Signs.

I love ARM, Lisa, Joe, and the whole staff. Jeremiah, sorry for making things so difficult this summer. Also thank you for the opportunity and teaching me about life and how to grow closer to Jesus. -Josh Reid

Check out to learn more about our summer mission internship opportunities! Summer 2018 applications are being accepted now!


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