About Us

Our Vision

We exist to end substandard housing in rural Alabama.

Our Mission

We extend the love of Christ through home repair and children’s ministry.

We believe Christ’s love must be expressed in action to people in need. ARM is a hands on ministry; responding to people through Christian love with an emphasis in home repair and children’s ministry-it’s all about building the family!

Alabama Rural Ministry coordinates home repair efforts and children’s day camps in rural areas of Alabama. We are interdenominational but are connected to the United Methodist Church. All denominations are welcome to come and serve!

How We Serve

Our main way of  combating poverty and providing home repair and children’s ministry is through volunteers. ARM hosts youth mission camps during the summer at two locations in Alabama: Livingston and Tuskegee. Our site in Tuskegee runs year round allowing for Spring Breaks, Christmas Breaks, Fall breaks, and even mission retreat weekends. Livingston runs only in the summer. Our mission camps allow groups to serve with families who need home repair and/or provide engaging activities for children at our Sonshine Kids Day Camp. Our website is about helping you find a place to serve in the rural communities of Alabama, learn ways to alleviate poverty, and extend Jesus’ love.

Home Repair

The ARM staff assists teams coming to do home repair by purchasing materials, introducing teams to their families, and serving as technical assistants. Typical ARM projects include repairing and/or replacing roofs, ceilings, floors and walls. We also build steps and wheelchair ramps for elderly or disabled individuals. We match our projects with the skills of our volunteers, maximizing the services we are able to provide. Our service extends to plumbing and electrical work when our volunteers are able to do such work. If you are involved in a group with any of these skills, please consider a trip to ARM to help the elderly and disabled families of rural Alabama.

Day Camps

Teams working with the day camp work with the ARM day camp staff to plan Bible studies, songs, recreation activities and much more! Day camps are run similarly to Vacation Bible Schools and other day camp programs. Our volunteers are able to enhance the children’s experiences through interaction, whether it be fellowship, playing games, going on field trips, or presenting Bible stories and devotions. The children of the Sonshine Day Camp are truly remarkable in their ability to show love to so many volunteers that come in and out of their lives each summer. We invite anyone with a love for children to join us for this amazing experience this summer.

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