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MLK Day 2017 Recap

What a weekend! We are happy to announce that due to the help of all of our volunteers, we were able to help 9 families through home repair, minister with 14 children through our MLKids program, and do community service … Continue reading

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#Giving Tuesday

On this #Giving Tuesday, we are inviting all who want to help to give through the United Methodist (UM) Advance which supports missionaries and mission ministries like ARM across the globe! There is a $5000 match opportunity and we hope you will help us raise $10,000 on Tuesday Nov. 29th. To give just click the above link and the DONATE button. We appreciate the way you are helping a family render their home warm, safe, dry and beautiful and impacting a child through our summer day camp and after school ministries. We pray you also have a joyous and heartfelt Advent and Christmas season! Thank you!!!


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Last Day in the Shack

Day 5 and 6-the last days

Fire crackles in the pit and a soft chill lingers as the sun begins to push away the last pieces of the dawn. It is a new day and to say that I am excited is an understatement. More like overwhelmed, broken, humbled, and honored. First, the outpouring of financial gifts is unprecedented for us. We are in position to exceed our goal of $77,000.

I think of Ms. Gore living in the Valley of Alabama who is anxious about her finances. Recently her debit card was compromised and her account emptied. Surviving on Social Security, she only receives a monthly allotment and it is gone. For whatever reason, the bank would not replace it even after filing a police report. Many times people like Ms. Gore are one flat tire from near financial collapse. Hers is greater than this. After helping someone “jump” their car battery off, it fried her car’s electrical system and she cannot exceed over 20mph making travel difficult. Living far out in the country, it takes a significant amount of time to get to the grocery store. The estimate on the car…$1000.00. So, when the body of Christ and loving people can come around her and repair her leaking roof, it gives her hope and one less thing to worry about. Where the roof had leaked, the ceiling had collapsed leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling where her granddaughter slept. Imagine having to look up into a hole in your attic each night as you slept…I would be unnerved. As the colder air comes through, it would gush through the hole into her room. There was extreme joy for this little girl when then hole was patched and her ceiling fully intact. When we see something broken fixed, it does something inside of us.

And that is why we will live in shacks, set crazy goals, and be uncomfortable. It is why we have to keep telling this story! There are thousands of Ms. Gore’s and her grandchildren across our state. And there are thousands of you willing to give up your time and money to help. That is special.

Thank you! Thank you for the meals, coffee, cookies, smores, did I say coffee :)), and all you have done for the Kingdom! Thank you for bringing your kids to paint, your groups to pray and learn, and for your warm emails and encouragement. It means so much to me and the ARM team. We love you all.

I am looking forward to sitting with my good friend, Chris Kelsey from Auburn UMC this morning and Rev. Jeremy Pridgeon from FUMC Montgomery coming at lunch. We love you all and reminded we are “Made for More” and Jesus calls us into deep, sacrificial relationships with all people!

Come see  me at the shack!!!!

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Can You Out Give a Junior High Student?

Day 1-Night 1- No More Shacks 2016 CAN YOU OUT GIVE A JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT? We had such an awesome day yesterday. First, I was joined by Minister Sara Head who serves on our board . Later the District Superintendents … Continue reading

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Two more days and it starts!!!!

Just several hours before the shack officially launches! I am excited about the number of families we are going to be able to serve because of the impact of this event! The days are getting shorter, cooler, and I personally … Continue reading

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