We can do nothing without prayer. It is the under-girding and foundation of any ministry. Therefore, you can help us extend an ARM of love by praying for us and our families in specific ways. Here are a few ways you can pray for our work at each of our mission sites:

Sumter County: Livingston, AL

Our biggest goal is to increase the size of our day camp and to find a permanent location to host our teams and our camp – like as in buying/leasing a site! As the summer gets closer, the kids at the camp need loving people to sponsor our camp so that we can provide the activities and ministries helping our kids to grow. Sumter County is one of the counties in the Black Belt still struggling with harsh rates of poverty mainly affecting children. The drop out rates and teen pregnancy are steadily increasing in this community. Sharing Christ’s love to kids and families continues to be a motivation for continuing our ministry efforts.

Macon & Lee Counties: Tuskegee, AL

We are partnering with ministries and organizations to have more focus on children’s ministry. Pray for our partnership with I Am My Brother’s Keeper, an after-school tutoring ministry. We also continue to serve through home repair in Macon and Lee counties throughout the year. Pray that we would build lasting partnerships with churches and groups who will serve with us and our families on a regular basis. Pray for our continued renovation of Tuskegee UMC as we prepare for hosting summer mission camp groups there this summer.

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