Sweet Homes for Alabama- “No More Shacks!”


Alabama is short 90,000 homes. There are over 100 families in the Lee and Macon County area alone that need vital repairs to make their homes safe, warm, and dry! In order to serve these families and bring attention to their struggles, our director and other volunteers are going to simulate what life is like by living in a shack.

How does it work? Lisa will stay in the small shack for several days battling the elements. Her shack has open windows, a roof that will leak, and needs small plastic bags stuffed in holes to insulate. It has enough room for a small mattress. She is out here 24/7 and uses the time to talk to people, post information, and host poverty education workshops. There are two shacks so that community leaders can give their time in four hour blocks to help with the fundraising. Each shack dweller is asked to help raise $2000 while they stay with Lisa. Some of the shack dwellers will also sleep overnight. This shack sleeps 2-3 people (see below for more details).

The goal is $77,000 to get her out. These resources will be applied to the home repair efforts that will help us use volunteers to work on homes. Just click the below Donate Now button to donate. We’ll keep a running tally posted!

If you would like to make a donation but cannot at this time, please click here and make a pledge to make a donation at a later time (you can send gifts in as late as December 1, 2016).

Come Visit Lisa at the Shack!

Lisa will be hanging out at the shack in front of the Auburn Wesley Foundation (131 S. Gay Street) across from Tiger Rags beginning Wednesday, October 19th and will remain as late as Tuesday, October 25th. Whether rain, shine, heat or cold, she’ll be there day and night talking about how we can work together to end poverty housing in rural Alabama.

Bring the Kids!

Feel free to bring your kids along when you visit Lisa at the sack. With a $5 donation, they can get a free paint brush to use right away as they help beautify Lisa’s shack! It’s a great way to help kids understand serving others and some of the harsh conditions others may face.

The Guest Shack

Lisa won’t be alone! We have a second guest shack set up for our friends and supporters who want to help spread the word about our ministry by spending some time in a shack of their own. Local pastors, community leaders, and even some college students will be committing to three-hour blocks and staying overnight. Several of ARM’s board members, local ministry leaders, and community leaders will be there!

Lunch Seminar Series

If you want to learn more about poverty and how you can serve others in our community, ARM has partnered with other organizations to offer lunch seminars throughout the week. Check back soon for dates and times for the 2016 lunch seminars.


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