Ministry Sites

The main areas we work in are Sumter, Macon, and Lee Counties. Because these three areas are so rural, these areas struggle with many problems. In these areas job opportunities are scarce, economic problems are high and there are no adequate childcare systems for working families needing a safe place for their children. Some of the public school systems in these areas are on academic alert. The combination of these factors contributes to the poverty level and leaves many citizens feeling hopeless.

Our two sites are currently located in the city of Livingston, in Sumter County and in the city of Tuskegee, located in Macon County.

During the summer, these sites are staffed by college students from Alabama and all over the southeast. Each site has various responsibilities according to the development of that particular site.

Our first site, located in West Alabama: Home Repair & Day Camp

Sumter County, AL. – Sumter County is in the central western part of Alabama and is close to Meridian, Mississippi. This is ARM’s founding site and it began in 1998. Livingston is located in Sumter County and is best known for being the home of The University of West Alabama.  Sumter County is severely poverty stricken and has little economic opportunity for its citizens. Despite the hardship, this community is very loving and continues to welcome and inspire ARM staff and volunteers each summer.  Groups may come to Sumter County to do home repair, work at Sonshine Day Camp, or do both. Groups sleep, eat, and have evening activities at either a local church or on the university campus.  As soon as we determine a location, we will update you on the details.

Our second site, located in East Alabama: Home Repair & Day Camp 

Tuskegee, AL- Tuskegee is in the central eastern part of Alabama and borders Auburn, AL. and Columbus, Georgia. This site now offers day camp in addition to home repair. Groups sleep, eat, and have evening activities at the historic parsonage (began as the Huntingdon Women’s College) and Tuskegee First UMC. Tuskegee is home to the historical Tuskegee Institute and the Tuskegee Airman Museum. Like Sumter County, it is located in the agriculturally, rich Black Belt and just 30 minutes east of Montgomery. Each summer, volunteer teams reach out to the Macon County community while extending their reach into neighboring Lee County. This site can accommodate up to 70 people each week through blended use of the parsonage and the church.

The Parsonage:

    • Bunk beds to accommodate 22 people, extra mattresses provide for up to 30
    • Large meeting room
    • Kitchen with 2 gas stoves
    • 3 showers, 2 commodes
    • Note:  There are extra showers at the National Guard Armory if needed

Tuskegee Methodist Church:

    • Bunk beds and showers to accommodate 70 people
    • Large, industrial size kitchen
    • Beautiful stained-glass sanctuary
    • Small prayer chapel
    • Meeting parlor
    • Dinning hall

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