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Summer 2018 Dates


Fees & Policies

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Summer 2018 Team Schedule and Availability

Updated 9/27/2017

Week 1: Sun June 3 – Fri June 8

Team Availability
York 40
Tuskegee 50

Week 2: Sun June 10 – Fri June 15

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 50

Week 3: Sun June 17 – Fri June 22

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 50

Week 4: Sun June 24 – Fri June 29

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 15

Week 5: Sun July 1 – Fri July 6

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 20

Week 6: Sun July 8 – Fri July 13

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 50

Week 7: Sun July 15 – Fri July 20

Team Availability
York 55
Tuskegee 50



What is Youth Mission Camp?

A 4-day/5-night mission and discipleship experience in rural Alabama where your team extends the love of Christ with families and kids through home repair and day camp ministries. After a full day of service, your team gathers for evening worship led by our summer ministry team. We provide your meals and housing, coordinate your team’s home repair ministry, and serve alongside you with the day camp kids.

Who is Youth Mission Camp for?

Youth Mission Camp is designed around your church’s middle/high school students but we also host teams of adults, college groups or families with children during the summer.

Where do teams serve?

Teams serve with families and kids at one of our two mission sites in rural Alabama: York (serving Sumter County) and Tuskegee (serving Lee and Macon Counties). In York, teams are hosted by the York Mennonite Church. York teams must provide their own twin-size air mattresses. Tuskegee teams are hosted at the Tuskegee Mission Hub which is within Tuskegee First Methodist Church. The Tuskegee Mission Hub provides bunk beds with twin size mattresses. ARM provides food at both sites, but teams will work with our staff to prepare meals. Both sites will provide hot showers.

What's the basic schedule for a week of mission camp?

Teams arrive on Sunday afternoon for tool and safety training, day camp orientation, making home visits, and getting to know our summer ministry team! Teams serve Monday-Thursday, which begins with breakfast each day at 7a and ends with worship from about 7:30p-8:30p. Teams depart on Friday morning by 9am.

Are there any free nights?

Our schedule doesn’t include any free nights, but there is some free time built into the schedule each day – mainly in the late afternoon and after worship each night. Many teams choose to integrate some kind of fun trip on the Friday of their departure from ARM. Let us know if you need help on some ideas!

Registration, Cost, Payments, and Policies

Check out all the details on fees, deposits, and more on our Team Fees and Policies page.

How do I register my team?

Online registration for youth mission camp 2018 is available now (just click to get started)! After you’ve submitted the registration form, check your email for a confirmation message with a link to pay your registration fee online. Your registration is not complete until your form and registration fee have been received.  You’ll be contacted by the ARM staff to confirm your dates and team size.

How much does it cost?

Teams pay a $50 or $75 team registration fee to complete their registration and confirm their requested youth mission camp dates and team size. Then, each team member pays a per person fee of $290. A team’s per person fees are paid in three deposits. Find out all the details on fees, deposits, and more on our Team Fees and Policies page.

What's included in the per person fee?

Your team’s per person fees provide for all meals from Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast. It includes comfortable housing spaces with hot showers, twin beds, and wifi access. Tools and materials are provided for your home repair ministry (but your team may need to bring tools too). You’ll get a planning packet and Bible curriculum for developing your team’s day camp ministry. You’ll need to provide your own day camp programming materials based on the activities you develop! We’ll help you prepare your team with a 3 session pre-mission Bible study and post-mission discussion guide to encourage on-going transformation in your students. During your service with us, you’ll experience morning and lunch devotions and evening worship services each night. Finally, you’ll get an awesome, summer staff designed t-shirt with a design based on our summer theme. Your per person fee does not provide for any transportation costs.

How is ARM spending our team's fees?

We’ve done our best to setup our camp fees in order to break even on our costs. This means that none of your team fees pay for ARM’s overhead costs. All of it goes towards the mission camp program. 40% of your team fee provides for our summer ministry team internships, 27% is for construction materials, 13% is for food, another 13% is for housing, 3% is for fuel, 3% for a tshirt, and 1% for worship/discipleship expenses.

Home Repair Ministry

Find out more about home repair ministry at youth mission camp.

What kind of repairs will we do?

One of the goals of our home repair ministry is to restore a home to be safe, warm, and dry. These criteria cover a range of repairs including roofing, porches and ramps, doors and windows, siding, floors, walls, weatherization, and basic plumbing or electrical repairs. If your team would rather not do roofing projects, just let us know! When you register, you’ll have the chance to tell us if any of your team members are especially skilled in the areas listed above.

Does my team need to bring construction knowledgeable adults for home repair ministry? (YES!)

Yes, your team will be divided into crews of about 7 people each for home repair ministry. Each of these crews needs one construction knowledgeable adult. This doesn’t need to be a licensed contractor or tradesman. Anyone with home renovation experience or someone comfortable with carpentry and using power tools can serve in this role. ARM’s construction coordinators will be trained to manage, coordinate, and support your home repair ministry but they are not experts and may not be present to direct your crew throughout the day.

What do we need to bring for home repair crews?

Your team will be divided into crews of about 7 people each for home repair ministry. Each crew will needs its own, independent transportation since we serve in remote homes that are often not close to one another. Each crew needs 2 adults (one of which is construction knowledgeable), a water cooler, a chest cooler (for lunches), a first aid kit, and a set of basic tools (if possible – see next question for details).

Do we have to provide our own tools?

We recommend that each of your home repair crews bring a set of basic tools including a toolbox with assorted hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, socket set, tape measure, pencils, work gloves) and 1 circular saw and 2 drills. However, this is not a requirement so please just let us know if you won’t be able to provide tools. We do have our own tool supply and we will work with you to make sure you have all the tools you need to complete your home repair ministry.

Sonshine Kids Day Camp Ministry

Find out more about kid’s day camp ministry at youth mission camp.

What is day camp?

It’s like VBS on steroids! You’ll be extending Christ’s love with a group of 30-35 kids from the local community ages 5-10. Day camp is a 7 week experience for these kids and your team will be serving with our summer day camp ministry team to bring your week of day camp to life! You’ll do Bible lessons, crafts, games, music and dancing, educational activities, snacks, and more!

Do we need to plan for day camp? (YES!)

Your day camp crew’s planning and preparation are absolutely essential to a great week at day camp! Your team will be responsible for planning and leading the Bible lesson and discussion, music/dance, arts & crafts, group games, and an afternoon snack each day. We’ll send your team a day camp planning packet in late March to guide you through the planning process. This packet will include a 7 week Bible curriculum framework based on a common theme that ARM develops each year. You’ll use the Bible story, supporting scriptures, character traits, practical application questions, and more included in this framework to shape your week of day camp. We love seeing our teams’ creativity shine at day camp!

Do we need to bring our own day camp materials?

Yes! Your team needs to bring any supplies and materials you’ll need for your activities at day camp. This includes snack. At the beginning of the summer, we’ll put your team in touch with our day camp staff who can let you know what supplies we may have on hand already.

What is the ARM day camp staff's role?

We’ll have 3-4 day camp staff serving with you at day camp. Our staff serve all summer and provide continuity for the kids. They get to know the day camp parents, enforce day camp rules and carry out any necessary discipline. While your team is leading an activity, they may be supporting you, working one on one with kids, or preparing for the next part of the day. They’ll be responsible for leading a daily educational activity, reading time, taking the kids to lunch, and providing the morning snack. During these parts of the day, your team can work one on one with kids or prepare for the next activity. In addition, the day camp staff handles all the administrative and logistical tasks. If we don’t have a team scheduled to serve, the day camp staff take on all the responsibilities for that week to provide a continuous day camp experience.

Evening Worship and Daily Discipleship

Find out more about the worship and discipleship experience at youth mission camp.

Do we need to plan our own worship services or Bible studies?

No! The ARM summer ministry team will develop worship services and devotions for your team based on our summer theme. Each day will begin with a morning devo, and each crew will lead a lunch devo on their lunch break. Each nightly worship service looks a little different but each lasts about one hour and includes components of song, prayer, Bible study, a talk or testimony, games, skits, and more. Each year looks a little different since our summer staff create this experience as part of their staff training.

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