Sonshine Kids Day Camp

ARM 299Why Day Camp?

Day camp is the primary way our summer mission camps bear witness to the love of God through academic enrichment and Christian education to children. It is also one of the ways we build relationships that overcome cultural, racial and age barriers. In the rural communities where we serve, children often have very few opportunities for organized activities during the summer. Many of their schools communities are under-resourced and struggle to prepare them academically. In some cases, their home environments are tense and difficult to manage for various reasons. At day camp, we want to create a fun, safe, caring space for kids to know and feel God’s love while being enriched in their reading and writing.


Sonshine Kids Day Camp 2016!

What’s It All About?

The Sonshine Day Camp ministry operates at both of our mission sites in Livingston and Tuskegee. Day camp hosts 30-40 children ages 5-10, and is held at a local school in the community for 6-7 weeks during the summer. During the week, the children engage in Bible stories, games, and educational activities. Ever since we started the day camp ministry in 2000, our summer staff and youth groups have taken a special interest in the children with the hope that each child experiences – in a real, but small way – how deeply they are loved by God.

What’s Your Role?

At day camp, your youth will engage children ages 5-10 in activities designed to foster their educational development and spiritual growth. As a team, you will prepare Bible lessons, games, crafts, and songs for each day. Each day at camp, you will interact with the kids and share Christ’s love with them while also reinforcing positive behaviors.

In March, we’ll send you a day camp informational packet which will tell you all about the day camp theme, the Bible verses or stories you’ll be teaching, and helpful tips for planning. Be sure to come prepared with your “creativity A game” and be ready to have the time of their lives!

What’s Our Role

The ARM Day Camp Staff will guide you through the day’s schedule and give the youth a brief training on classroom management and discipline techniques. The staff will serve as a resource for your team, and will facilitate a relationship with the school and parents. Educational activities and reading time will also be led by staff.

A Typical Day at Day Camp

Monday – Thursday, 8:30a – 2:30p

  • Theme-based programming and teaching
  • Singing, crafts, and games
  • Reading and writing activities
  • Recreational time

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