Evening Worship at Summer Mission Camp


What Happens After Work?

Each night, our staff will present devotional activities for your group. These evening worship services are full of reflection, teaching, and interaction. They typically last 1 – 1 1/2 hours and can include singing praise and worship songs, games, discussion groups, prayer exercises, Bible studies, skits, and more. Our summer staff work hard to develop a creative, engaging presentation that challenges your youth to love and serve others in the way of Christ. We’ll discuss and learn about the circumstances that perpetuate poverty and the things we can do in our own communities to reverse this cycle. On one night, we’ll invite the families your team serves with to join us for dinner to celebrate and honor the new relationships formed during your time with them.


Evening Worship Schedule

  • Sunday – Orientation Night: an overview of ARM and an introduction of the summer staff and our summer theme
  • Monday – Theme Night: a close Biblical look into our summer theme
  • Tuesday – Family Dinner Night: a time to enjoy table fellowship with your team’s home repair families at a local church (a brief devotion is usually given by the local church pastor)
  • Wednesday – Community Night: an in-depth look at the community with a special focus on the realities of poverty
  • Thursday – Closing Night: a time of intimate worship and reflection on your team’s ARM experience followed by ARM’s traditional communion celebration.

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