Wheelbarrow of Change


As part of our annual Sweet Homes for Alabama fundraising campaign, this year we are setting a goal to raise $77,000. Help us fill wheelbarrows with change so that we can make sweet homes for Alabama!

What? Wheelbarrow of Change! As part of our Sweet Homes for Alabama fundraising campaign, we’ve started something new called the “Wheelbarrow of Change.” The Wheelbarrow of Change is a fundraising effort that uses wheelbarrows and encourages others to help us fill them with spare change.

Who? Churches and youth groups, ARM Board of Directors, ARM Staff

When? September 1-November 1


  • Make a list of local businesses that you think may be willing to let you set up a wheelbarrow in front of in order to ask people to donate their spare change
  • Call or visit them and ask if you can park a wheelbarrow in front of their store for a couple hours for a day or a couple of days in order to raise money for Alabama Rural Ministry’s Sweet Homes for Alabama fundraising campaign.
    • If they say “yes,” make a list of volunteers from your church/youth group to go out to these places with a wheelbarrow and fill the wheelbarrow with change!

If you don’t want to go to local businesses, you can also challenge your youth/church to bring in all of their spare change and fill up a wheelbarrow or three in your youth room or church!

Why? To partner with us so that we can meet our goal of $77,000, raise more awareness about poverty in our communities, and eliminate substandard housing in rural Alabama

Will you help us bring about change in Alabama by filling wheelbarrows with change?

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