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Dream Quest

In a little less than two months, ARM is trying something new and different. Before I delve into our new venture, let me ask a few questions.

  • Have you ever had a dream? Not like what happens when we sleep each night, although it is possible a dream could get shaped there. I mean a deep passion or longing where you “see” something that is not quite there yet. Ever had those deep, driving feelings that the world could be different and that somehow you had a role to play? Ever had it keep you up at night? Ever had it make you frustrated with your current job or being in school?
  • Have you ever been found yourself driven to do something? Or something else? Does life sometime seem mundane? Or do you see a place where there is pain, hurt, and suffering, and you have what feels like a fireball well up somewhere deep inside to want to help?

These were the types of questions that dominated my thinking as a young adult and still today. I seem to live with an insatiable amount of vision and passion. No surprise that I am considered an Idealist and Challenger on various personality type indicators.

Those questions paved the way for ARM to begin. Paved the way to a part time career in the National Guard and still drive me today. The outcomes have been thousands of volunteers serving their neighbors through home repair. Children in low-income communities feeling loved and valued and several homes a year being rendered, safe, warm, and dry. And there is so much more!

We figured it was time to share these with others. That if others, especially our young people, also had visions and dreams to make the world better, maybe we could help them develop that early on and let their early studies and work focus on making those a reality. As followers of Jesus, these dreams come from him through the Holy Spirit. Our visions are visions of his kingdom.

For the next couple of weeks, I am going to reveal a few of the topics we are going to handle and want to invite you to journey with us. We are never too young or too old to have a dream. We are never too young our too old to see it happen. But, we can live in the dream world and procrastinate putting it into action. And that is super sad. There are God sized potentials in us and I hope we have the courage to see them unleashed.

So, this event. It is February 24-26th in Tuskegee, Alabama. It is called Lead Up. We will spend the weekend with high school students listening to their passion and step by step helping them develop a plan to put it into action. If you have a youth or want to come be with us, you can find the details and registration on our web site www.arm-al.org

What is your dream? What in this world do you know needs to be different? Are you brave enough to see where God will lead you if you take time to pray and plan around it? Lead Up! I would love to hear!

Grace and peace,


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