For Individuals

One-Time Monetary Gifts

Maybe you have a little extra left at the end of the month, or just want to show your support but can’t commit to a monthly pledge. We are always more grateful for the unexpected gifts we receive from faithful individuals, and it is so easy to give. You can donate now through our paypal account or find us in causes on Facebook to make a quick gift to the ministry.

Monthly Commitment

We are also looking for individuals to step out in faith and make a monthly financial commitment to Alabama Rural Ministry.  ARM is truly grateful for the individuals and church congregations or groups who have committed to support our ministry through monthly gifts.  If you would like to join this group,  please fill out the Contribution Card and send it to our office.

Staff Support

ARM always has a few faithful individuals on staff who are raising their own support. To help on of these servants out, visit our staff page at or call the office at (334) 501-4276

Day Camp Sponsorship

Make A Significant Difference in a Child’s Life This Summer! The total cost of our camp is approximately $10,000 and includes the staff, site costs, and materials. You may sponsor one or more children for the full eight weeks at $360/child or sponsor a child for one or more weeks at $45/week. Just think, at traditional camps, it costs $250-$300 to send a child for ONE week—you can provide a meaningful summer for our children by donating this much for an ENTIRE summer. The camp is free to the children.

How it works: When camp begins and the children are registered, we will match you up with a child. You will receive a picture and information about hobbies, interests etc. Your child will also send you a card during the summer to tell you what they are learning and doing at camp. We also encourage you to use your picture as a way to pray for your child each day. This is an incredible way to intervene in a child’s life for a very short but critical time. You will offer a blessing and also be very blessed!

If you would like to help, please fill out the Sponsor a Child and send the form along with your donation back to us.

Family Sponsorship

In between summer sessions we work hard to meet the needs of home owners in the Tuskegee area.  We currently have a growing waiting list of home owners whose homes are in dire need of repairs.  We are seeking churches to sponsor a house by committing financially to do the repairs and/or committing the labor power to work on the home.  If your church would like to sponsor a family, let us know and we will send you a list of families with their specific needs. Your church can select a family to help.

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