Non-Monetary Support

Prayer Partner

We can do NOTHING without prayer. It is the under girding and foundation of any ministry. Therefore you can accomplish great work by lifting specific attributes of ARM in prayer. Here are a few requests by location:


Beth Ann has been working hard on this site. Our biggest goal is to increase the size of our day camp and to find a permanent location to host our teams and our camp (like as in buying/leasing a site). As the summer gets closer, the kids at the camp need loving people to sponsor our camp so that we can provide the activities and ministries helping our kids to grow- see the information below. Sumter County is one of the counties in the Black Belt still struggling with harsh rates of poverty mainly affecting children. The drop out rates and teen pregnancy are steadily increasing in this community. Sharing Christ’s love to kids and famlies continues to be a motivation for continuing our ministry efforts.


We are partnering with ministries and organizations to have more focus on children’s ministry. Our work is to help with renovations to Tuskegee UMC and the parsonage to make these areas even better! Our main office and headquarters is in Auburn so here is what we are praying for: We are in the process of opening a store to sell building supply materials. This is modeled after the Habitat ReStores. We are in the final stages of finding a location and the loan application process for our start up costs. Pray for this huge endeavor!

Material Donations/Gifts-In-Kind

ARM gladly accepts and is helped a great deal by donations.  Common supplies that are in high demand are building supplies, materials and tools.  Many lumberyards, hardware and building supply stores, and corporations will donate items if given the opportunity.  Materials needed include:

Lumber Plywood 10′ covered trailer
Van/bus Sheetrock 10′ flatbed trailer
Plumbing tools Air Compressor Electrical tools
Generator Commodes Ladders
Shop vacuum Scaffolding Shovels
Building in Livingston Wrenches Other Misc. tools


Year round, we are looking for volunteers in the Auburn area to help in the main office and to work on on-going home repairs in the area. If you like administrative activities you can help us with newsletters, filing, and filling out home repair referral forms. Good at graphic arts? You can help design ongoing brochures, publications, and work with our web designer. How about grants? You can help us research and put together grant requests and letters for foundations. And of course, if you are a handyman or handywoman, you can help us lead volunteer work crews. If you have a gift or interest, we can match you up with something! We believe in Romans 13 and helping you find your gifts and how to use those in a meaningful way that will have a tangible affect upon a family.

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