Home Repair

Nuts and Bolts

Why and How: Home repair is our core way of extending the love of Christ to families. Most of our families are disabled, elderly, and all are on a fixed income. We receive names through local agencies and through personal connections then go through an extensive selection process. And, when you leave, we stay connected with them through fellowship events, small gatherings, and keep them updated through newsletters.

Type of Work: Most of your day is on the construction site. What type of work can you expect? Building wheelchair ramps and porches, repairing floors, re-shingling roofs, wall board repair, and basic plumbing. In some instances we will do landscaping and painting. Your work is challenging and very needed. What’s more, we want your youth and volunteers to learn to use tools and gain confidence by doing something somewhat unfamiliar, but walking away empowered by being stretched.

Crew Size: Each group will be divided into crews of 4-7 people. You may bring as many crews as space will allow (see our site information). Please remember: YOU MUST bring at least one construction knowledgeable person per crew and provide transportation for your crew.

Equipment: An informaion packet will be sent to you once registered. It will have a recommended equipment list for each of your crews. It is encouraged to bring your own tools but we do have tools available.

The role of the ARM construction staff is to ensure you have the proper materials and tools for your site. Your first day of work, a construction coordinator will take you to your site, introduce you to your family, and walk you through the repairs you will complete. Each day, there will be a construction meeting with representatives from each group so that we can identify any issues and keep your materials flowing. There are times when our staff can stay with your group on the site but this is not something we can guarantee. Several manuals and resources are available for your team if necessary.

Why home repair? A person’s home is the fundamental aspect of pride and core to economic development. Costly repairs strain an already tight budget that is best described as survival. Without a home that is safe, warm, and dry, families can run expensive utility bills, suffer from the effects of insects, mold, and other health issues. Plus, even in the south we run extremes in heat and cold which are “silent” killers for the elderly and young children. In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about providing shelter…you are living out this command…and serving Jesus this way. We believe that home repair accompanied with your personal friendship and faith stories are an incredible encouragement for families-and they LOVE the youth! They are inspired to see these young servants working so hard and with so much generosity and hospitality!