Day Camp Ministry

Our day camp is only possible with the help of individuals, groups, and churches who sponsor the children. For more information about sponsoring a child for the summer, click here!

Sonshine Day Camp is offered in Livingston and now in Tuskegee. It hosts 30-40 children ranging in age from 5-12 years of age. Day camp is usually held at a local school in the community. Throughout the week, the children study Bible stories, participate in team building games, and receive assistance with reading and writing. Fridays are reserved for field trips and swimming. Our staff takes special interest and care with the children. Their goal is to have every child walk away each day knowing that he/she is special and loved by God.

Your team will have the privilege of bringing the Bible to life for the children through stories, skits, games, songs, and arts and crafts. So, bring your “creativity A game”, musical instruments, and other fun talents and prepare to have the time of your life! Additionally, you will help them learn values, historical figures, and role models. The ARM staff selects a theme of study for the summer. You will be assigned a set of Bible verses and potential ideas based upon the week you are serving with ARM. This will guide you in your planning and preparation.

Typical week:

  • Monday-Thursday: day camp activities based upon theme, this includes mini-field trips and guest speakers
  • Friday: morning, free play and recreation at local park, afternoon-swimming

If you are coming for an extended weekend/half week-you will have two days with our day camp and your Saturday will be on one of the construction sites.

In March, we will send you the day camp information, theme and weekly breakdown that you can use for your planning.

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