Evening Worship and More

What Happens After Work?

After a hard but rewarding day of work, your group will return to camp, get cleaned up, then prepare and enjoy a great meal together with the ARM staff. Everything we do is designed around community and serving one another. We break into teams and prepare meals together and then work to cleanup before evening worship.

Our staff will present devotional activities for your group after dinner cleanup. Each night we plunge into about 1 1/2 hours of reflection and processing of our day. It includes praise and worship songs, games, discussion topics, and experiential worship. During this time, your youth are challenged with what it means to love and serve. We will discuss and learn about the circumstances that perpetuate poverty and the things we can do in our hometowns that can reverse the cycle. The families you work with will also be invited to participate in a dinner celebration one night of the week in honor of the new relationships formed during your time with them.

Listed below is the weekly events- morning and lunch are also devotional times for your group and are prepared by our summer staff

  • Night One-Orientation, overview, safety, introduction of theme
  • Night Two- Community night and learning more about the biblical view of poverty and the poor
  • Night Three-Dinner with our families and devotion
  • Night Four-We dig hard into the scriptures!
  • Night Five-Free night
  • Night Six- Closing and Worship

If you bring a half week team, these events are blended into four nights but no free night.

Getting you prepared:

Once you register, we will send you a confirmation letter with a schedule for your deposits. In March, we will send out a detailed information packet. This includes a CD with all the necessary documents (these can also be printed from the web site). A DVD will be included for you to show your youth to get them excited about their trip. Also on your CD will be a three session Bible study. These will be ideal for your weekly youth group meetings. We ask that you do these before you arrive as it will give your youth the necessary context for coming to ARM.

Another Opportunity to Serve:

Calling all cooks and “house moms”-Have someone from your group that “just wants to cook” or maybe likes to help us by being a “house mom”? This person works with other house moms and our site leader to oversee our meals and help us keep our places clean. It might be keeping our cooking towels washed, finishing up the cleaning after breakfast while the teams prepare to depart for the morning, and making sure we do a good job of being great stewards of our sites. Plus, they might be an extra hand to our site coordinators or head out to a work site/day camp later that day. It’s another way to add someone to your team. Help us see if we have some fun, loving “moms” or “grandmoms” that would love to serve this way!

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