Our vision is to eliminate substandard housing in rural Alabama. By restoring hope and building dreams we are making Sweet Homes for Alabama and extending an arm of Christ’s love.


Shack Total for Wed Oct 11 is $77,010! You can help us repair Ms. Sanford’s home and 19 others by clicking the donate now button to get us one step closer to reaching our $100,000 Sweet Homes for Alabama goal!

Sweet Homes for Alabama

We've had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Sanford through our home repair ministry. When it rains, Ms. Sanford knows the water will find its way through her roof, causing spots on her ceiling to turn dark brown. Black ...

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Thank You Sonshine Day Camp Sponors 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0L1qyk_O2A Dear Day Camp Sponsors, We are so grateful for your support of Sonshine Kids Day Camp this summer! Through your partnership as a day camp sponsor, the love of Christ was extended in so many ways through so many people ...

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Make a Difference Day

Saturday October 28 2017 Make a Difference Day or MDDay is a day for churches and organizations across Lee & Macon counties to extend Christ's love through home repair and community service! This event is open to all churches, campus ...

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Serve This Summer

Summer Internships

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Register to Serve at an Upcoming Service Day

You can join a Lee/Macon county team that already has a service day scheduled with us! We serve about twice a month on Saturdays throughout the fall, winter, and spring with families in Lee & Macon counties. Click here to view upcoming dates and register to serve!

Home Repair

With a shortage of 90,000 housing units in Alabama and homes that are rapidly deteriorating, we need you! We need your help as we serve families and work as a force in alleviating rural poverty. Families most affected are children and elderly.

Children’s Ministry

Literacy is only one of the many challenges faced by the children we’ve come to know and love in rural Alabama. Our children’s ministry focuses specifically on improving reading and writing while also teaching leadership, Christian character, and, most importantly, demonstrating God’s love.

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