Our vision is to end sub-standard housing in rural Alabama.

Our mission is to extend the Love of Christ through Home Repair and Children’s Ministry.

Extend with Us.


Wade into the Water: Sponsor a Day Camper!

Keep calm and wade into the water...Sonshine Kids Day Camp is quickly approaching! This year's day camp in Tuskegee and Livingston is all about Wading in the Water of God's love. We'll talk about Jesus as the Living Water and the necessity of water, both physically and spiritually, in our daily ...

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June 14 and July 5: Y’all Come See Us!

June 14 and July 5: Y'all Come See Us!

It's less than two months away, but we still have room for your middle and high school students to extend the love of Christ this summer! Come join us in rural Alabama and let us introduce you to some wonderful families in need of home repair. We'd also love ...

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Cycle of Service 2015

An intense, fun 3 day bike ride across Alabama to raise awareness about poverty housing in Alabama. It all starts on Friday, April 24th in Auburn and ends Sunday, April 26th at the Mississippi state line! You can meet the riders in Tuskegee on Saturday, April 25th at 8am and ...

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The Tuskegee Mission Hub

The HUB! What if you could be part of a vision to start a community outreach center in Tuskegee? What if your prayers and support started the Tuskegee Mission HUB?! Imagine a space that buzzed with daily ministry and outreach in an area hungry to experience Christ's love. Imagine families and ...

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Summer Camp Availability – Our Latest Numbers

Summer Camp Availability - Our Latest Numbers

Spots are continuing to fill for our summer youth mission camp! But, we still have room for your group of middle and/or high school students, especially at our Tuskegee mission site. We have 3 fully open weeks of availability in Tuskegee - that's ...

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Home Repair

With a shortage of 90,000 housing units in Alabama and homes that are rapidly deteriorating, we need you! We need your help as we serve families and work as a force in alleviating rural poverty. Families most affected are children and elderly, like Ms. Green… 

Tonight, Ms. Green goes to bed anxious, wondering if the incoming storm will bring heavy rains. At age 62, widowed, and dealing with arthritis, she has staged her pots, pans, and plastic trash cans strategically around her home to catch the unwelcome water. Then she’ll spend the rest of her night listening for the rain and dumping the incoming water her roof should be stopping. You can end this and help Ms. Green get a much better night’s sleep. Extend!

You can be the difference between substandard housing and a secure home for a loving family.

Children’s Ministry

Literacy is only one of the many challenges faced by the children we’ve come to know and love in rural Alabama. Our children’s ministry focuses specifically on improving reading and writing while also teaching leadership, Christian character, and, most importantly, demonstrating God’s love. Kids like Derik are looking for our love and care…

Derik is a young boy living in a single parent family with three siblings and two cousins. Many times he sleeps on the couch and his TV blares in the background. He loves math but struggles to read. Sometimes the words just don’t make sense. His mom is so stressed that although she always says she loves him, she always seems to be yelling too. Life is hard. He wonders if he will make it through high school. But he comes to Sonshine Kids day camp and learns that he is loved by Jesus and many others. You can continue to help him, to restore his hopes and dreams, and to give him an unforgettable summer at day camp! Extend!

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