Sonshine Kids Day Camp Sponsors

Extend the love of Christ in a child’s life this summer! The total cost of day camp is approximately $10,000 and includes the staff, site costs, and materials. You may sponsor one or more children for the full seven weeks at $360/child OR sponsor a child for one or more weeks at $45/week.

Just think, at traditional camps, it costs $250-$300 to send a child for ONE week—you can provide a meaningful summer for our children by donating this much for an ENTIRE summer. The camp is free to the children.

How It Works

IMG_3920Once the summer begins, you’ll receive a personalized thank you card along with a picture and description of the child you sponsored! You’ll get to hear about what they are learning and doing at camp.

We also encourage you to use your picture as a way to pray for your child each day. This is an incredible way to intervene in a child’s life for a very short but critical time. You will offer a blessing and also be very blessed!

At the end of the summer, we’ll put together a day camp video so you can see all the fun and joy our day camp kids shared together with our staff and mission teams.

Sponsor A Child Today

You can sponsor a child today by making an online donation! Just click the button below and choose “Day Camp Sponsorship” as the designation on the donation page.

Or you can CLICK HERE to download the 2016 Sponsorship Card and mail it to us along with your donation.

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