Sweet Homes for Alabama raises $85,600!

Thank you so much! Our #sweethomes for Alabama #nomoreshacks campaign was very successful! Through many generous people, we raised $85,600 allowing us to serve more families like Ms. Sanford who’s story is below.

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Sanford through our home repair ministry. When it rains, Ms. Sanford knows the water will find its way through her roof, causing spots on her ceiling to turn dark brown. Black mold appears in some places. These are serious issues that can affect her health and well-being. But, an ordained minister, Ms. Sanford’s faith is strong and she trusts steadfastly that God will provide and take care of her. Her income is limited. Hiring a contractor to complete the repairs is $4500. What will she do?

Would you help us make Ms. Sanford’s home warm, safe and dry? 


How Can I Help?

How Does it Work?

Visit Lisa

Bring the Kids!

The Guest Shack

Lunch Seminar Series

Get My Church Involved

In order to serve with families like Ms. Sanford and bring attention to their struggles, our director and other volunteers will simulate what life is like by living in a shack…

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How Can I Help?

1) Be a fundraiser! Set up your personal online fundraising page at www.arm-al.org/sweethomesp2p so you can tell your friends why you want to help make sweet homes for Alabama! Set your own goal, and in just minutes you can easily share with your Facebook and other social media networks!

2) Set up a “Wheelbarrow of Change”. Get your kids/youth to  head this up and sure to be a success.

3) Have your youth set up a Cardboard Box City

4) And yes, build your own shack! Find plans here.  ARM Shack_single_4x8_drawings

Need more details? Download the Sweet Homes Kit for Churches to get started!

How Does “The Shack” Work?

Lisa, ARM’s director, will stay in a small shack for several days battling the elements. Her shack has open windows, a roof that will leak, and needs small plastic bags stuffed in holes to insulate. It has enough room for a small mattress. She is out here 24/7 and uses the time to talk to people, post information, and host poverty education workshops. Next to her shack is another shack where community leaders can give their time in three hour blocks to help with the fundraising. Each shack dweller is asked to help raise $2000 while they sit with Lisa. Some of the shack dwellers will also sleep overnight (see below for more details).

Our goal is $100,000 to get her out of the shack. These funds will help repair Ms. Sanford’s home and several more in Alabama. Just click the above Donate Now button to give. We’ll keep a running tally posted!

Visit Lisa at the Shack!

Lisa will be hanging out at the shack in front of the Auburn Wesley Foundation (131 S. Gay Street) beginning Wednesday, October 4th and will remain as late as Tuesday, October 10th. Whether rain, shine, heat or cold, she’ll be there day and night talking about how we can work together to end poverty housing in rural Alabama. Bring some friends, your Sunday School class, your family, your small group, or just yourself! Some evenings feature campfire singing – join the fun!

Bring the Kids!

Feel free to bring your kids along when you visit Lisa at the sack. With a $5 donation, they can get a free paintbrush to use right away as they help beautify Lisa’s shack! It’s a great way to help kids understand serving others and some of the harsh conditions others may face.

The Guest Shack

Lisa won’t be alone! We have a second guest shack set up for our friends and supporters who want to help spread the word about our ministry by spending some time in a shack of their own. Local pastors, community leaders, and even some college students will be committing to three-hour blocks and staying overnight. Several of ARM’s board members, local ministry leaders, and community leaders will be there! If you would like to sit for a few hours, email lisa@arm-al.org.

Lunch Seminar Series at Auburn

If you want to learn more about poverty and how you can serve others in our community, ARM has partnered with other organizations to offer lunch seminars throughout the week. All seminars will take place at Auburn University’s Student Center, Room 2107, from 12p-1p. The dates are Wed. Oct. 4th, Thurs, Oct 5th, and Mon. Oct. 9. Presenters will be announced soon!

Get Your Church Involved

What if you are not in the Auburn area but still want to experience the shack or get your church directly involved?

Step 1:

Download the Sweet Homes Kit for Churches to check out all the ways your church can engage! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in the kit:

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages:It only takes 5-10 minutes to setup a personalized online giving page that you can share with your social media networks! Your church, Sunday School class, or youth group could setup a page and/or individuals could set up their own pages too!
  • Wheelbarrow of Change: Set up a wheelbarrow in with your youth, children, or visible place in your church. Encourage people to put change into anytime from September-October. Cash the change in and send ARM the proceeds.
  • Cardboard Box City: This is great for youth groups or families. Pick a weekend night and set up boxes to sleep in. Not quite substandard housing but it does connect us with helping to keep our families from becoming homeless. It is an intentional way to be uncomfortable. You can set up your wheelbarrow to collect money or use our donation page for online gifts.
  • Build your own shack: We have plans you can use and construct your own shack. It is designed for 2-3 people to stay in at one time. Create options for people to stay in the evening or over the weekend.

Once you download and select your option or options-go to Step 2 and sign up so we can track your progress and give you shout outs!

Step 2:

Click here to sign up your church for the Sweet Homes Campaign and let us know how you’ll be involved!


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