ARM Counselor-in-Training

Are you 13-18 years old or know someone who is? Do you enjoy working with kids? Do you want to learn more about yourself and grow spiritually? Are you looking for an awesome opportunity to volunteer this summer?

Then consider serving with ARM as a Counselor-in-Training at our Summer Camps! The Counselor-in-Training program is designed for middle and high school students who have an interest in working with kids and/or doing construction. The position is flexible – the CIT can serve either at day camp or home repair, or both (special requests may be made as needed).

Last summer we pioneered the CIT program at our Tuskegee site. Malik , our first CIT, made a wonderful addition to our staff both at day camp and on the construction site. Next year we hope to have three CIT’s at each of our two sites, Tuskegee and Livingston, who are just as enthusiastic about serving others and eager to help wherever needed.


Malik (on right) with a volunteer and day camper


The CIT is designed as an on-site helper to the full time summer staff team with ARM. Responsibilities at day camp include but are not limited to leading or preparing for activities with the day camp, setting up events, keeping the day camp classrooms clean, escorting children to the restroom, and being an extra set of hands with the children.

Responsibilities on the home repair site include but are not limited to interacting with the families, loading and cleaning tools, participating in the repair work, and helping the ARM staff prepare needed materials. Most importantly, the CIT will serve as a role model for the day camp children and/or the youth on the mission trip.

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