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Dangerous Democracy

It’s a big day if you live in Alabama. It’s a big day in the US. As you get ready to vote, and I encourage you to do, here is something to consider. Below is a piece of what I wrote in response to a person saying vote for a particular candidate, not because they are any good, but because we need to control the seat in Congress he will hold. Their logic was that he would have an ethics investigation and possibly ousted anyway but that would allow a certain party to control the congress. When this rationale becomes our method of voting for candidates, we have all but destroyed the very democracy that framed this great country.

I must disagree with the logic of flat party voting. I find this type of logic is eroding the overall democratic process and the value systems needed for a stable democracy that benefits all people. To simply vote for the “party” no matter which one it is without careful consideration of the candidate, their value systems, and how they will work with other constituents is undermining our democratic process. Our republic was built upon an educated citizen voting with knowledge of what the candidate stood for and whether he or she would represent the highest values needed of a public servant. I am disheartened at the demonizing of the parties and the candidates, a carte’ blanche approach to voting, and not considering the values and integrity needed of a leader in the public sector. Our democracy must be more than just maintaining a seat in either one of the political parties. We are better served with candidates who uphold high moral values, demonstrate compassion for all people, and know how to build consensus and collaboration no matter what party is represented or even if no party is represented.

Although I am deeply tempted to speak about the candidates, I don’t believe social media is my best venue and will keep that to my closer circle. If you want to know…email or text me. But again, just voting for a party to keep a seat is dangerous, illogical, and will continue to have damaging effects on our democratic system. We must transcend this type of thinking and promote a more holistic way of selecting those who will lead our democracy most effectively with character values, accountability, and a record of excellence being primary traits of consideration.

My hope is this will drive your consideration for your candidate. Vote values. Vote character. Vote collaboration. Anything else may be unraveling and dismantling the very democracy we espouse to uphold.


Lisa Pierce

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#Giving Tuesday Nov. 28

Our #SweetHomesfor Alabama #NoMoreShacks effort raised $85,600 towards our goal of $100,000. We have another opportunity to make up the difference! We have Black Friday and Cyber Monday but we can outdo those with #GivingTuesday. Your gift will help repair homes for well deserving families and individuals on fixed incomes. You can send a message of love this Thanksgiving Season! If you would like to make a gift in honor of someone, we will send them and you an “in honor of card”. We pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you use your gifts and bounty to serve and help others!

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Leaving the Shack

Another shack year and our 10th year had several twists. Together we have raised $78,780 towards our goal of $100,000. We are equipped to serve 15 more families making their homes warm, safe, dry and beautiful. We are eager to … Continue reading

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Day 7-Ms. Andrea

For the Son of man did not come to be served but to serve…

This scripture puts serving at the heart of following and discipleship. Love is not words, it is action. It is not lofty platitudes, it is sacrificial love. True social justice is not pickets, shouting and demeaning the other, it is coming along side people, getting into their story and mining out the image of Christ in them. We don’t talk about substandard housing, we experience living in it. That makes the difference.

It is my final day living in a shack. With some large pledges overnight and some pastors from churches with large mission hearts coming today, we can get there. Our new total is $59, 434! $40,000 is still a big number…but we serve a big God with people who have sacrificial and generous hearts. What was that phrase, don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big our God is. Perspective.

My highlight yesterday was having Ms. Andrea McIntosh come sit with me. What a difference that makes! We served with Ms. Andrea last year getting her home rewired and repairing a kitchen that had a major leak rotting most of the floor. Ms. Andrea is a retired teacher who moved down from Pittsburgh to take care of her father who eventually died. She now lives in his house which had many issues. Without a car, some medical problems with her knees, and living several miles outside of town, she faces many challenges. Despite this, she has an incredible cookie ministry baking cookies for anyone she can. What made our summer special is her serving at Sonshine Kids Day Camp. The kids fell in love with her and she knew how to dole out sweet and sometimes tough love. Words do not explain the impact she made. That is what service looks like. Sometimes we are the giver and sometimes we are the receiver. Both require grace and humility.

Looking forward to several pastors coming this morning. Rev. David Camphouse from Grace UMC, Rev. Cory Smith and Rev. Charles Cummings from Auburn UMC, Rev. Larry Bryars from Frazer UMC, Rev. Lester Spencer from St. James UMC, Rev. Rusty Hutson from Cornerstone Church and Rev. Robin Wilson from FUMC Opelika. What a fun time!

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes. We are raising funds but also want to encourage groups to come learn and serve with us putting love and discipleship into meaningful action!

Grace and peace!


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Just Another Manic Monday-Day 6

Just another manic Monday- total is $40,051

Rain bounced off the blue tarped roof of my little shack in the early morning. A mosquito buzzed against my ear and drew blood from my unshielded face creating a nice welt. Somehow an ear plug fell out accentuating the morning routine of dumpster trucks slamming metal and grating iron while cars sloshed water as they passed by. Waiting for the rain to subside, I made a mad dash into Wesley to start my morning routine of getting ready for the day.

After working through Nate all day yesterday, I was disappointed to see all the rain-although we need it. It keeps me from sitting outside and talking with people and putting out the material that tells our story, that tells Ms. Sanford’s story.

Media coverage for the shack last year was awesome. This year, despite several press releases, emails, and tweets to press contacts, we just do not seem newsworthy. Maybe because of recent disasters, maybe because we do not seem new, maybe repairing someone’s home who has few funds does not seem too significant. It is hard to tell. These culminating events have led to a decrease in the fundraising momentum we have experienced the past few years.

This morning I was reading in Mark 8 where Jesus heals a blind man. In previous healings, it came instantaneously and completely. In this situation, Jesus spits and puts his hands on his eyes. The man says he can see people walking around that look like trees. Jesus puts his hand over the man’s eyes again and he is completely restored. Such a curious display of Jesus’ healing power. Did this progression relate to the man’s faith and therefore take two iterations? Was this saying something about the way Jesus heals; that there are times when healing is progressive? Maybe a little bit of both.

What I thought about is that sometimes Jesus provides over time. Some things may not be instantaneous but progressive and over time. As I ponder our fundraising this fall and in light of all the disasters, maybe God will provide more over time, ensuring we have just what we need when we need it. The passage directly after this healing story has Jesus asking his disciples “who do others say that I am” and then asking them “who do you say that I am”. You are the Christ, the Messiah. In that truth is the assurance of who Jesus is, his direct identity and a confidence that God is in the business of caring and providing. Even if the funds are slow (and I am certainly ok if we get a surprising funding surge as we close), we know that we are loving our neighbors and especially the materially poor. We are living out the commands of loving our neighbors and reaching out to those who struggle. We are serving Jesus as we serve with the poor. I believe our faithfulness will be matched and certainly exceeded with God’s faithfulness even if it takes a little longer.

Cheers to a wet day-we needed the rain and I will try not to let it put a damper on our efforts today. Instead, I will think of our families and all those who have struggled when the rain, wind, and water cannot be contained. Prayers for ARM, for Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and more.

Let’s see what happens today!

Grace and peace- lisa

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