Apply Now: Two Internships Starting this Fall

Applications are now available for our two internship positions starting this fall! We’re so excited to welcome to new members to our ministry team – a Volunteer Coordinator and Recruitment & Communications Coordinator.

The Volunteer Coordinator works on the front lines of our movement to end substandard housing by organizing and equipping teams to serve all year round! The Recruitment and Communications Coordinator is ARM’s storyteller helping us to grow and engage more and more friends and neighbors!

These are great positions for recently graduated college students and may be a good fit for recent high school graduates taking a gap year before college! Both positions are paid (modestly) with housing provided by ARM.

Join us as we work to end substandard housing in rural Alabama and gain great non-profit ministry experience! Read more about each position below, download a job description, and get started on your application.

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Volunteer Coordinator

At ARM, we believe that service is a lifestyle for disciples of Jesus. We create opportunities for churches and ministries to extend their discipleship through serving with low-income families and children in rural AL to end substandard housing in our rural communities. Christ-centered friendships are built through these opportunities which reflect the love, compassion, and reconciliation of God’s kingdom. The Volunteer Coordinator strives to see these relationships develop as homes are made warmer, safer, drier, and more beautiful or as children learn God’s story, experience God’s love, and grow into the leaders God has called them to be. The Volunteer Coordinator works on the front lines of ARM’s growing movement of disciples seeking to end substandard housing in rural AL by extending the love of Christ.

Click here to download a full job description for the Volunteer Coordinator

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Recruitment and Communications Coordinator

Everyone loves a good story and, as followers of Jesus, we have the best story to tell. It is a story we are empowered by God’s grace to tell with our very lives. At ARM, we see the story of God’s kingdom coming to life all around us as the narrative of substandard housing in rural AL is turned upside down by tales of hope restored and dreams rebuilt. The Recruitment and Communications coordinator is ARM’s storyteller seeking to grow our movement to end substandard housing in rural AL. Whether the medium is an e-newsletter to donors and volunteers or one-on-one conversations with college students at a career fair, the Communication and Recruitment Coordinator strives to invite more and more people into the story God is telling through this ministry.

Click here to download a full job description for the Recruitment and Communications Coordinator

Download an application




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#foolsforChrist17 Week 2

A crew from Crossroads Bible Church with Ms. Reid!

Week 2 of youth mission camp brought us 3 teams of new friends serving with ARM for the first time!

Our Tuskegee team, Crossroads Bible Church, came all the way from Norris City, IL. They had 3 highly efficient construction crews who served with 4 families in Lee/Macon counties. Crossroads also served with the kids for our first full week of Sonshine Day Camp!

One construction crew served with our friend Ms. Reid. While they worked to re-build a badly damaged portion of her roof, Ms. Reid was cooking some delicious meals to share with the crew for lunch. And, she even made enough to provide dinner for the whole team! We’re so thankful for Ms. Reid, Crossroads Bible Church, and the new friendships that were made throughout the week on the work sites and with the kids at day camp.

Check out the Week 2 Tuskegee highlight video below!

Week 2 teams in York respond to the call to be #fools4Christ

Our York teams came from Mauldin UMC of Mauldin, SC, and Rocky River Presbyterian Church of Concord, NC. Both teams had crews serving through home repair and day camp ministry!

Each night of the week our summer ministry interns lead our mission teams in evening worship. This summer we’re focusing on what it means to be a fool for Christ, which is based on Paul’s challenge to the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 4:8-13. On Monday nights, our teams are challenged to reflect on what God is calling them to give up or sacrifice to be a fool. Mindful of Jesus’ sacrifice as the ultimate fool, students write their response on a card and nail it to the cross to symbolize their commitment to be a #fool4Christ.

Check out the week 2 highlight video featuring our York teams below!

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#fools4christ17 Week 1

Youth mission camp is off to a great start in Tuskegee and York! Teams from Woodland UMC in Pike Road, AL, First UMC of Dadeville, AL, Forest Park UMC of Panama City, FL, and Harpersville UMC of Harpersville, AL served with 5 families and nearly 60 Sonshine day campers in Macon and Sumter Counties.

New friendships were made as Christ’s love was extended to make homes warmer, safer, drier, and more beautiful! And, our day campers began learning about how they are children of God and persons of worth through the story of Samuel #cogpow! In the evening, our ministry interns explored what it means to be a fool for Christ sacrificing our time, comfort, popularity, and freedom for God’s kingdom.

Check out our youth mission camp 2017 week 1 highlight videos below!

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Thievery or Providence?

This past Friday, after our Tuskegee summer ministry team was wrapping up the afternoon, a woman arrived at the church. She explained her involvement in a car accident. The ministry interns were trying to decide how to help and momentarily left her unattended in the fellowship hall. Our ARM merchandise table is stacked with ARM shirts, hats, cups and more. Earlier that day, the staff had a small fundraiser and a few mason jars that had some bills and change in them were in the room.

When the staff came back into the fellowship hall to help, she had disappeared. As they looked across our back lot into the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, they noticed her. She was now outfitted with an ARM sweatshirt (in nearly 90-degree weather) and baseball cap. There was also $40 in cash missing from one of the mason jars.

What would you feel in that moment? Anger? Frustration? Confusion? How could anyone boldly come into a church and steal from it? That money goes to help families with home repair, something she may not have known. Is there no decency anymore that someone can blatantly steal from the church and in broad day light? What nerve!

It was time to call the police. They described to the police what had happened and the police quickly arrived on the scene and picked up the woman. End of story, right? However, the police added some unknown details shedding some new light. The woman was mentally ill. During transport to a mental institution in Birmingham she had fallen out of the car. I guess that is how she defined a car accident. (That raises some questions on how well she was being supervised). The police had been searching for her with no luck until the students called.

As I pondered this situation, I felt myself overwhelmed with compassion for this woman, this daughter of Jesus. Before I knew the fuller story, I was wrestling with whether we needed to press charges or if we could design some type of community service. Hearing of her condition, that was quickly resolved. But then I thought further. If she had not stolen from our staff nothing would have triggered our students to call the police. They would have worked to meet her need and then sent her on her way. This meant she would have wandered aimlessly through the town. Night would fall and she would be a lone, vulnerable, and mentally ill woman navigating the streets of Tuskegee. No phone, no family, no friends.

Not fully cognizant of her actions, stealing may have saved her life. Funny how God can work in the hardest and most difficult of situations. God can use anything for His good and in the strangest of ways, He provides. This summer our day camp kids have a theme called “COGPOW” meaning Child of God, Person of Worth. After this woman’s actions, this puts COGPOW in a whole new light for me.

May we all have compassion and display love even when someone is doing something wrong. God may be providing care in a crazy, foolish, and upside- down way. I love our God! Jehovah-Jira, God our Provider!

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Day Camp Counselors Needed

Due to some last minute changes we are in need of 2 day camp counselors to serve this summer! Time is short – our staff training begins this Friday, May 12, in Tuskegee.

If you know of any college students who love kids and are looking for a way to serve this summer, please share this post or ask them to contact Joe at or (334) 501-4276 x100.

We can be flexible on hours and other arrangements to work around other schedules and commitments. Ideally, we prefer for counselors to be present for staff training (May 12 – 26). Counselors who can serve the full internship receive a $1700 scholarship.

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